italy footwear manufacture, italian shoes factory, rubber boots production.

footwear manufacture

Italian footwear factory specialized in footwear manufacture: men's footwear, women footwear, kids footwear, medical footwear, footwear for free time and work footwear.


Italian slippers production, slippers sale: men's slippers, women's slippers, lady's slippers, children's slippers, kid's slippers, boy's slippers, girl's slippers, indoor slippers, outdoor slippers, rubber slippers, plastic slippers, wood slippers.


Clogs shoes production and sale: men's clogs, women's clogs, children's clogs, nursing clogs, rubber clogs, gardening clogs, professional clogs, comfort clogs in any colour and size.

medical shoes

The Italian shoe factory Maresca deals with the production of medical shoes and clogs: man's medical shoes, woman's medical shoes.

sandals production

Italian footwear factory for sandals production: men's sandals, women's sandals, beach sandals, pool sandals, water sandals, coloured sandals.

boots manufacture

Boots manufacturers: men's boots, women's boots, kids' boots; manufacture rain boots, after ski boots, fishing boots, hunting boots, rubber boots.

rubber boots

Italian rubber boots manufacturer and dealer: men's rubber boots, women's rubber boots, children's rubber boots, rubber hunting boots, rubber fishing boots, rubber rain boots, rubber working boots in any colour and size.

rain boots

Rain boots manufacturers and dealers: men's rain boots, ladies' rain boots, children's rain boots, rubber rain boots, pvc rain boots in any colour and size.

after ski boots

After ski boots / apres ski boots manufacture and sale: kid's after ski boots, men's after ski boots, ladies' after ski boots in many sizes and colours.

made in Italy hunting boots

Hunting boots production and manufacture: under "Maresca" and "Saniflex" brands the footwear factory in Italy deals with production of boots and shoes. Made in Italy rubber hunting boots, ideal for outdoor walking, dump and wet ground. Maresca italian hunting boots can be stuffed with fur, or with a pile extractable sock.

fishing boots models

Fishing boots production, fishing boots  manufacture, distibution and sale and: Maresca designs and production of shoes and footwear: boots, fishing boots, rubber boots with hard sole and soft sole, ideal for outdoor fishing and leisure activity. Maresca fishing boots are produced with technological material that guarantee the high quality of the fishing boots that are waterproof, light and resistant.

jelly shoes, "Jellies"

Jelly shoes (also known as "Jellies") are shoes made of a porous PVC rubber product, the jelly rubber. Italian quality jelly shoes by Maresca come in various colors.

children shoes production and sale

Italian footwear children shoes production, distribution and sale, useful for playing and free time.

antistatic shoes

Antistatic shoes production and sale: non slipping anti-static shoes sterilizable in an autoclave –134°, antistatic clogs, antistatic sandals ideal for professional use and medical use.

italy shoes factory

Maresca is a leading Italian shoes factory that manages production, manufacture and sale of shoes and footwear like slippers, professional shoes, medical shoes, rubber and plastic shoes, clogs, boots for hunting and fishing, non noising, non vibrating, anatomical, non slipping footwear that guarantee safety and comfort of feet.

footwear moulds trade

Italy footwear factory Maresca, production of PVC and polyrethane (PU) footwear and shoes. In addiction, thanks to high quality of maintenance of footwear moulds and of the machineries used for shoes production, the company sale and purchase steel moulds for PU and PVC footwear production.

footwear machineries trading

Italian footwear factory Maresca, in addiction to the main shoes production and sale activity, trades second-hand footwear machineries for PVC and plastic footwear and shoes like sandals, clogs, slippers, boots.
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